Beautiful Faces

Take a quick scroll through Instagram, and realize that a beautiful face is very ordinary.

Inner beauty is extraordinary. Inner beauty transforms the way others see you. People with inner beauty flourish before the eyes of others and these people become even more attractive as time goes by.

When you look in the mirror, do you hate your face?

Are you not accepting that you are a wonderful person, capable of creating happiness and positive connections with others?

Physical beauty fades. There are no exceptions to this rule. Become the person you were meant to become, and realize that you cannot become this person by simply putting on clothes or makeup. True beauty lies within the heart.

Beautiful faces smile even though their teeth are not straight, their eyes are not perfectly symmetrical, their nose does not look just right in photos. Still, they smile. They are beautiful because of their acceptance. Acceptance of self. Acceptance of others.

Do not use social media as the framework for your self-image. This will lead you down a path of self-loathing, and zero tolerance for the imperfections of others. This is one of many paths towards loneliness and regret..