November. It is nowhere near me now. November is circling back around though. It moves along confidently, in an evil orbit, content to slowly circumnavigate it’s way back to me. Floating overhead like a bloodlusting scavenger bird. Feathers that are oily with the stench of black. A sickly, satisfied bird, pleased with itself and a […]


There is no more need for you, now. Should I keep my killer? Murderer of the misled, your gentle prints are everywhere. But no one is looking for you. Your sanguine stroke, plunging the knife forward in full view of the greedy glass eye. Tender turned to Tinder. You snap, you chat. Filter. Your wolves […]

No Closure

The most painful question for this wounded lover is “Why?” The hard, most jagged, bitter answer I received was “It doesn’t matter now, anyway.” She pitched that answer to me in a parking lot, when she already had been making arrangements with another man who lived in her apartment complex… And several other men using […]


I hope one day, we find each other again and laugh over whatever pain we might have caused… – R.M. Drake I am trying to make you a part of my past, to break away from you, but our experiences together keep us connected on a cosmic level. Forever connected. Time is an illusion. I […]

Being Single

Being single feels like failure. I am still in pain from my breakup and every instinct in me tells me to frantically find someone to distract me, to help me avoid the pain, to help me create the illusion of being okay again. She moved on less than 24 hours after we broke up. It […]

Beautiful Faces

Take a quick scroll through Instagram, and realize that a beautiful face is very ordinary. Inner beauty is extraordinary. Inner beauty transforms the way others see you. People with inner beauty flourish before the eyes of others and these people become even more attractive as time goes by. When you look in the mirror, do […]